About GistBox

Hi, my name is Rui Jiang and I am the owner and lead engineer at Made by Rui. GistBox started as my small after-work side project when I realized how little was out there for code snippet management. While GitHub had the right idea in creating Gist as a service to share publicly available one-liners, it wasn't very good for organizing code.

GistBox uses GitHub's backend but adds its own layer of label and search functionality. It was designed to be a curated, personal snippet library – like long term memory for the practicing software engineer.

I tried my best to maintain the lightweight flavor of GitHub and its excellent code preview and editing tools. And while I have put a great emphasis on usability and code quality, I'm sure users will find annoyances big and small when using the tool. If you happen to be one of these users and would like to provide some (constructive) feedback, please send me an email.

You can reach me at: rui@gistboxapp.com