The Beautiful Way to Organize Code Snippets

GistBox is the shared code library your team needs

Also, create a Gist from any webpage with
GistBox Clipper
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Organize Your Code

Gists are like long-term memory for the professional software developer. Use GistBox's color-coded labels to curate your personal gist library.

Collaborate With Team

Share your knowledge with the rest of the team. GistBox Groups are the perfect way to build a social library of useful code snippets.

All of what you need. None of what you don't.

Group Code Libraries

The technical knowledge base for
your team and its projects

Color-Coded Labels

Organize your code snippets by
language, project or purpose

Search and Filters

Slice and dice any way you
want with library search

Feature-Rich Code Editor

Language-aware syntax
highlighting with Ace editor

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts for browsing, searching,
and editing means less clicking

Collapsible File Views

Keep the code you want
in focus, hide the rest

Take it all to go. Keep it all together.

Synced to the Cloud

Your library is saved to the cloud for backup. Never worry about snippets getting lost in the shuffle.

Realtime Push Updates

Multiple instances of GistBox will sync with each other in realtime. Change code once, see it everywhere.

GistBox Clipper

Clipper is the companion Chrome extension to GistBox. It allows users to create Gists from:

  • Example code blocks
  • Highlighted text
  • Any page on the web
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