Thanks for downloading the
GistBox Clipper
Here's a quick tutorial on how to save code snippets
with the extension.

Method #1:

Save-as-Gist Button

Every <pre> tag (usually denoting code blocks) will now have a Save as Gist button which appears when you hover over the block. Try it below:

function throttle( fn, time ) {
    var t = 0;
    return function() {
        var args = arguments, ctx = this;

        t = setTimeout( function() {
            fn.apply( ctx, args );
        }, time );

Method #2:

Right-Click Context Menu

Highlight text on any page and right-click to bring up the context menu. There will be an entry to Save as Gist. Try it with the excerpt below:

Returning to St. Petersburg, Tolstoy was received with great favor in both the official and literary circles of the capital.

Method #3:

Extension Action Button

Click on the GistBox Clipper Action Button in the Chrome toolbar (top-right) to bring up the New Gist Editor on the current page.